Why does Housing for America Foundation choose to buy properties in edge neighborhoods and help families in transition?

To understand why Housing for America Foundation ("HFAF") chooses to buy properties in edge neighborhoods and to help families in transition, you need to understand what we mean by the terms "edge neighborhood" and "families in transition".

What is an edge neighborhood? At HFAF, we define an edge neighborhood is a community that has been ravaged by urban blight whose residents are committed to establishing law, order, and dignity in their lives and the lives of their children. You can find them in every city. The crime has stopped, but the blight remains, and upstanding citizens with a strong sense of place continue to stay. The warehouses may be abandoned, but their are no gangs, and the residents who work one, two, or three jobs to raise their children, pay the bills, and sustain their communities.

Who are individuals and families in transition? At HFAF we define individuals and families in transition as people who work hard, play by the rules, but are temporarily homeless, often through no fault of their own. We see these valuable souls all the time. However, we usually only notice them when they are fortunate enough to have jobs. The unskilled laborer who lost her job; the single mother whose rental unit was sold out from under her without notice; The new immigrants who are hired long enough to do the job; and the cop, the fireman, or the iron worker who sustained a career ending injury but who, despite their best efforts, cannot pay their mortgages on disability.

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