How do you say thank you?

Let's face it, whether we like to admit it or not, everyone of us is where we are because people have given us a lot. Sometimes, everything they have, in the forms of love, education, food, housing, job opportunities, and, sometimes, even money. How do we say thank you for all of that? It's not easy.

At Housing for America Foundation ("HFAF"), we say thank you by giving back. We give back by providing individuals and families transitional housing, teaching them life skills, and helping them to establish their independence and self sufficiency.

We buy properties in edge neighborhoods and renovate the properties into residences. Then, we invite individuals and families who are in a transitional period without housing to apply for residence. After we receive the applications, we review the applications for those persons in need who demonstrate they are looking for a hand up and not a hand out. At that point, we accept the the applicants we believe that have demonstrated the greatest commitment to improving their lives. Once they move into our buildings, our residents are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the properties. At the facilities, our residents learn cooking skills, repair skills, social skills, interview skills and the like through We fund these projects through the individual generosity of our founder, Ike Blackmon, and our institutional and individual partners, who volunteer their time and money.

The HFAF approach to providing individuals and families ensures that everyone participant is giving. We give the initial properties and find the families Our volunteers give us their time, money, and generosity by helping us to remodel the properties, with us to remodel the properties and teach our residents life skills. Our residents give by maintaining the properties, employing the life skills they learn, and finding permanent housing so that future residents receive the same opportunities.   return