Today, something good is happening?

Often we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by a myriad of our personal problems: An angry spouse, parent, or sibling; some jerk at works make a smart mouth comment; or we just don not know how to get everything done in how little time we have. But, every day, something good is happening.

What about that person who holds the door for you, the colleague who buys you coffee, the children who tell you they love you, your spouse who says something kind or unexpected, or your favorite team winning a game?

Do you notice how it makes you feel when you are the recipient of these beneficent acts? Pretty good. Well, the person who performs acts of kindness feels good, too. Ike Blackmon knows this and that is why the Housing for America Foundation ("HFAF") exists.

From homelessness to riches, Mr. Blackmon knows that he is the recipient of acts of kindness, and he is giving back with HFAF. You do not have to give back money. Just give back a little of your time with HFAF by performing small acts of kindness.

If you do, you are able to gain perspective on your own problems, help someone else, and improve the community around you. And, who doesn't want that.