How Do We Support Each Other?

What do you do when a friend needs support? Do you talk to them? Do you engage in activities with them? Do you surprise them?

With Housing for America Foundation ("HFAF") it's no different. HFAF gives you a place to go talk, work with, and surprise individuals and families who want their lives back. Our residents are in a transitional period where they lack permanent housing but are taking steps to find it.

So, when you volunteer for HFAF, you do not need to give money. You just need to do what you would do for a friend. Talk with our residents about positive thing. Work with our residents by teaching them how to cook, do home improvement, and/or prepare a budget. Surprise our residents with an unannounced visit, homemade meal, or holiday cards.

Volunteering for HFAF is no different from helping a friend. And, more importantly, like helping a friend, it improves our community. Volunteer for HFAF now.