How do we put victims of discrimination on paths of empowerment and self determination?

First, we let our residents know that HFAF is a hand up and not a hand out. Up front, we explain that the housing we provide is transitional.

Second, we make sure they are prepared to support themselves. We help our residents take concrete steps to find full time employment. Just the basics- nothing fancy- going to job banks, searching for work on line, and preparing resumes.

Third, we teach our residents how to manage a household efficiently. We do everything from helping them to learn new cooking skills, how to eat more healthily, how to perform home repairs, and how to employ better decision strategies.

Fourth, we provide support meetings for our residents. The purpose of these meetings is to help them learn how to cope with challenges they may face after they graduate from HFAF to permanent housing. These support meetings include how to cope with challenges of discrimination.

Fifth, and, most importantly, we work with facilities that are able to provide our residents permanent long term housing once they are back on their feet. We know that a temporary home is useless if our residents are unable to find long term affordable housing that treats them fairly. That is why we partner with corporate sponsors.

At HFAF we do not tolerate discrimination. We know that you do not tolerate it either. Therefore, we welcome you to be part of our team.