What's Your Experience?

What experiences have you had working with people who have lost it all and made it back? What have you done to help them? How has working with such courageous people changed you?

Ike Blackmon, the founder of Housing for America Foundation ("HFAF"), is one of the courageous people, who, after losing everything through no fault of his own, has made it back and then some. The experience sure changed him. More than ever, Ike takes nothing for granted, appreciates the generosity of everyone who has supported him, and seizes every moment. Ike's experience is the inspiration for HFAF.

Ike knows that for HFAF to work, it needs more than his experience. HFAF needs to interact actively with its partners. Interaction means finding out what the partners of HFAF think about its facilities, residents, and programs. Interaction means finding out what works and what doesn't.

To facilitate this interaction, HFAF provides this blog for partners of HFAF to blog about their experiences. We want you to write about any thoughts you have about HFAF. Good, bad, or otherwise.

HFAF- it's your experience.