What's in Your Neighborhood? -- Continued Page 2

We see the statistics everywhere. Since the mid '90s, the middle class has shrank every year. Since the Great Recession, many of us have lost our our homes, our jobs, and sometimes our lives. Even as we hear talk about an economic recovery, we see that while we may not be out of work, our friend who was laid off two years ago still has not found a job. The people once did not live in our neighborhoods- individuals and families barely hanging on, now live right next to us.

Do you know that democracy in the history of the world has survived, yet alone thrived, without a growing middle class. Go ahead, look it up.

At Housing for America ("HFAF"), we want to help as many of the people who find themselves in a state of temporary homelessness as we can so that they can enter what we believe will be known again as the great middle class. Our founder, Ike Blackmon, knows about the plight from harrowing personal experience.

Ike is one of the forgotten members of the middle class who, through a devastating work place injury, at no fault of his own, lost everything, and was temporarily homeless. Now, through hard work, and the gracious help of others, Ike has built a thriving company and is in a position to help those who have lost everything, and who he knows, up close and personal. That is why HFAF is committed to buying properties in edge neighborhoods and renovating them into temporary housing for individuals and families in transition.

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